Conversation After Dinner

Dinner was simply lovely. Thank you for letting me into your kitchen Oh coffee yes that would be perfect And now I think, I know I should return the favour. Would you say object to letting me make you dessert? I think I need a slice of pie I’d need to raid your pantry IContinue reading “Conversation After Dinner”

Graceful Pirouette

Shoulders rigid in anger she burns me with her glare straightens her attitude gathers her skirt At the banister she stands retiré devant catches my eye with her poise pirouettes to the landing descending the stairs gracefully she pauses tilts her head finally speaking her mind “Fuck off.” continuing her departure with pure elegance; leavingContinue reading “Graceful Pirouette”

999 Names for Me

WARNING: There is very crude/explicit language in this because it is real language. At birth I gained my very first name from my Magyar grandfather Stephen Istvan Pista all three being one and the same name shortened down in affection to Steve and Stevie, Ist or even Pistie I was little one wee one sweetContinue reading “999 Names for Me”

The Acid/Alkaline Food Myth.

I love food. I love the smell, the look, and most of all the eating! Perhaps even a little too much on the eating side. I also like to read about the science of food, and the science of digestion and metabolism. We humans are basically a biological amalgamation of complex chemical processes that  let us doContinue reading “The Acid/Alkaline Food Myth.”

Sociology? What a Waste of an Education!

I like to listen to CBC radio when I drive. I like the mixture of arts, culture, politics, music and just general blather. Makes me feel like I am right up there on current events and in keeping up with what is “now”. Recently, as I was driving, while listening to one of the phone-inContinue reading “Sociology? What a Waste of an Education!”