Hey there!!

Well here I was. And now apparently here you are! Welcome to a selected portion of the inside of my brain – now on view via the magic of the internet and blogging!

I am a writer on a journey and an arm-chair philosopher. I know what I know – and I sometimes spill my wee box of knowledge in the sand and make pretty patterns with words and facts. Well words anyway – the facts may be questionable! Nothing posted as on this site should be taken as historical fact or reality. My posts here are creative writing reflecting a slice of truth, and are not meant to be read as biographical. 

merlinspielen – or more correctly Merlin Spielen was a name gifted to me in my university days. I have the gift of being able to make patterns, and draw connections between ideas and the detritus of living . Sometimes the patterns actually even makes some sense! Those patterns are based off a thin slice of reality, reflected, refracted, distilled and turned into a crystallized lexicography of meaning.

I only know what I know. Apparently, the world is bigger than I am! Or at least greater than my mental capacity. So please do correct me, and enlighten me when I stumble along the way. I may not change what I have written – but your comments will help guide others out of the same muddy-pit where I have fallen.

Enjoy your visit, poke around, and please do leave your own thoughts behind for me to ponder. A Blog is best when it isn’t just just one lone human shouting random things into the vastness of the web.

I am not a poet – muses dwell inside my head and whispers words I cannot dispel
that I must madly crayon scribble on the walls and table the best that I am able
these words are not mine they just wriggle free from every opening as living poetry.

Not Sure why I should note this but it seems like a place to keep milestones:

  • I started this version of my Blog on March 18, 2012

It is now January of 2020, and I still stumble along. Leave a comment as you pass by and say hello!

A sincere and grateful thank you to all my visitors!

55 thoughts on “Hey there!!

  1. All right, I don’t know what’s happened, but I have not been following you for reasons of some kind of WordPress-inspired shenanigan. I will fix that. Just dropped by to see what you were up to, glad to see you writing.


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  3. Thanks Merlin for the like of Friday Fictioneer post! Best wishes to you in your writing!




    • You are most welcome! Just browsing and reading at the moment. And enjoying the reading! Your write with great clarity and thought. You have opened my eyes – and that is what I love about this blogging community. All these people sharing their stories so we all can learn.


    • No problem at all! Thanks for reading one of my posts and clicking LIKE so I could follow the breadcrumb trail back to your blog! When I saw you are a computing person with an artistic bent I simply had to follow your blog. We are kinda like blogging cousins 🙂

      See ya around the blog-o-sphere!


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  6. Thanks so much for “like”ing my post “I Saw an Old Man Walking”. I’m envious of your magic, Merlin, your spell has been cast wide. Keep it up. Cheers,


  7. Nominating you for the ‘very inspiring blogger’ award felt really wonderful 🙂 firstly, coz it was like a return gift for the nomination you gave me 20 days ago, and secondly, I don’t think I can find the right words to tell you how I love the effortlessness with which you write 🙂 So thanks for inspiring me (I know you know about this already, but I owed you an official msg 😀 )



  8. Thank you so much for following my Blog! I look forward to following yours as well. After all, how often does one get the opportunity to walk through the inside of someone’s brain?


  9. Dear merlinspielen, I only wanted to let you know that I now have reached the first century-mark with my post number! (I remember your excitement and enthusiasm about several things regarding my work but also over the fact when you had achieved the 100th blog line.) All the best in your blogging!


    • 🙂 Thank you for dropping by and congratulations on reaching 100 posts. It is rather satisfying to get to numbers like 100 as they symbolize so much more than the numerical value. 100 symbolizes dedication to a goal. I have visited a few times since my last comment and I continue to enjoy your posting. I am enjoying the quotes you have been posting recently.


      • I thank you for reaffirming for me what 100 symbolize. This is why I only wrote to you! I also thank you with special enthusiasm for visiting my posts and for telling me you are enjoying them still! As for the quotes, they all had and continue to have impact either on my thought processing over life issues or on the shaping and re-shaping of the emotional construct. It pleases me to know you like them also. Once again: thank you for stopping by and leaving me always with positive energy to want to write more. I wish you the same.


  10. I am visiting because somehow you found my blog and subscribed to it…thank you so very much. I am an artist/photographer/writer and RN.
    In what order depends on the day and the muse.

    I am enjoying my visit with your writing.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


  11. [I apologize if this is duplicate. I replied to your very kind and generous note on my blog but fearing you may not see it in a timely manner, wanted to post it on your blog site also.] First of all, my sincere congratulations on your wonderful achievement of the Liebster Blogging award, merlinspielen! How exciting of a step! Then, I thank you, dear blogger friend for listing my blog and for the sincere enthusiasm in your words there. I appreciate your supportive act very much and will most certainly look into the Award site.


  12. You have the rare gift of articulating your thoughts into words without boring the reader (or perhaps, even the listener). Wonderful blog and I hope to read more of your work! 🙂


  13. Thanks for the follow, and I look forward to your entries. Spielen is German for “play” and Merlin is, of course, a wizard of renown. So you are a magical writer of word play. Fun!
    Happy Pages,


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