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Haiku: Cause

crows grumble
outside my window
early light


(Another for Audra – because she noticed I had stopped posting…)

Haiku: Ride

quiet forest lanes
rising and falling


(For Audra – because she noticed I had stopped posting…)

Ramble: Infinite Sadness

Some days are better than other days. And some days are more bitter.

I write poetry and short prose as the cadence of the moment catches my heart and soul. My words are alive with thoughts and feelings inspired by the turmoil inside, and by the words I read on luminescent screens. What I write is fictionalized reality. Not to be confused with the augmented reality of Pokemon Go.

Oh boy augmented reality – and now I must digress as to me that is a marketing spiel misnomer. How on earth is a virtualized representation of the world reality? Google maps and Google earth is not reality. It is a digitized and abstracted representation of the world as documented at a specific point in time and space. It is not reality.

To then layer an further abstraction on top of an abstraction is not augmenting reality. It is at best an augmented abstraction. If you abstract the abstract, is it now more or less real? At what point does abstraction become avoidance and distraction?

Augmented reality is simply an extended and extruded artificial reality.

Okay now where was I? Ah yes – the creative process that drives my random blather. Am I then also an abstraction of an abstraction? And if you cut an abstraction is that a castration? Oops I mean a subtraction…


My brain is not here today. Monday is blamed for the blues – yet this Monday wallowing in depths beyond the normal start of the week blues. These blues have deepened into midnight black of the inner abyss, spiraling down into dark pits. Crushing gravitational singularity black hole. Now I write to find the theoretical wormhole of escape to escape into other dimensions. And I find….

I got nothing.

Complete blank. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Zero. Negative infinity. Oi.

I am at this point in time creatively flat-lined. And no amount of artistic electricity is reviving this one. Call it. This post is officially dead at 3:33 PM on August  15, 2016.

Poem: Be

I wrote this nearly two years ago – and you know what it is one of the more awesome things I have ever written! So here for an encore read is the Poem: Be



be lithe
be light
be right
be wrong

be all
day long
be along
and still

be one
be two
be free
be you
be us

be lead

don’t let it get
inside your head

be up
be down
be square
be round

be a

life is lived
until we’re dead
be alive
be unafraid
be whatever
you want today

just be
and be
and be
some more
then be away
so happily
on your way
to being free.

Source: Poem: Be

Haiku: End

sun sharp red sky rise
dawn light brings tears to my eyes;
new day for old thoughts


(For May I am writing a Haiku per day. The Theme Challenge Alphabet Soup of A-Z; With the Sunday Letter repeated Monday. Here is Haiku #31)


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