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Lovingly Bruised

see here
this mark all dark
swollen ache
pulsating tinge
spreading around

it hurts
covered over
it will fade away
healed to sight

while underneath
your words fester
inside my veins
incurable sepsis
eating my soul

i don’t deserve this
you don’t deserve me
so why do I hunger
to stay here this way
begging to feel your pain?

Haiku: Moon

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harvest moon rising
stirring the light in your eyes;
will you dance with me?

Haiku: September

she slips beside me
stealing August heat away;
why am I surprised?

Haiku: Done

sun rests on
tree top covered hills
burning lake

Haiku: Cause

crows grumble
outside my window
early light


(Another for Audra¬†– because she noticed I had stopped posting…)