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Haiku: Haste

rush right past
babbling burst of sound
what was that?

Haiku: Solid

hard ground beneath me
lends balance to my standing;
it hurts to fall down.

Poem: Forecast

you sky watch for omens;
sipping hot jasmine tea
from cracked ceramic cup.
rose colored dawn arises
clearly calling for rain,
while swirling swallows
swoop low over the pond
well aware of the storm
rumbling towards us.

Haiku: Erased

rubbing the same spot
over and over again…
what could be better?

Poem: Triplicated

triads of triangles entangled
inevitably devolve into something
unexpectedly anti-geometric
and transparently nonlinear –
at least in a cartesian sense.
I am unthinking and hence I am
regrettably non-existent in a
persona non grata sorta semi
cohesion kinda ignored kinda way.