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Poem: December Tenth

frozen iota
drifting accumulation
wafting into fluffy layers
making me reluctant to drive
and content to sit sipping
watching winter while
the restless cloudy sky
blankets the resting earth
briskly kissing breezes
whispering words sweetly
“sleep well my love;
dream well my dear;
I’ll see you once again
blooming in the spring.”

Ramble: Sacred Thoughts

Recently I have been having a debate about the “sacred”.

I find the word is overused as a tool to make people listen – similiar to the way the concept of “privilege” is used to kill debate.

Today I posted this in response to an article about Jennifer Lawrence profaning some rocks in Hawaii with her holy-J-Law butt.  Just because I rather enjoyed the sound of my own voice on this one, I decided to copy and preserve my ramble on why “nothing is sacred”


Proof at last (again?) that Jennifer Lawrence is an ass – and an itchy one at that! Apparently one can be wealthy and successful and have no class. (See President-Elect)
Still not sacred. Not the rocks and even less so her itchy ass (and there are some that do worship her ass…)
One can have/show deference and respect without accepting that everything mundane is sacred. Water is not sacred. Rocks are not sacred. Books and the words they contain are not sacred. I would propose that the word you are looking for is not sacred – sacred is holy and inviolate and the belief that something is sacred sets up an idea/thought itself as crime for thinking differently. Those that profane the sacred must be purged. The Satanic Verses. Charlie Hebdo. Atheist must be killed. Apostates must be killed.
After all, just think how many people have declared the Second Amendment as sacred? Or that Capitalism is sacred and Socialism is profane? Nothing is sacred – anything and everything can be questioned and critiqued. Otherwise we would still be living in a flat world watching the sun chariot orbit around our sacred place at the centre of the cosmos. Copernicus. Galileo. Darwin. Jesus. They all disrupted the inviolable..
People must stop declaring everything as sacred; once something is sacred that ends all reasonable discussion and dialogue. Instead: Tell me what is important to you; how it has meaning to you; and the what and why of how it gives you strength and meaning to your inner world:
Water is vital; Rocks have memory and meaning; These words move me…
So what word are we seeking? I am not certain – I just know that translating cultural concepts from living Lakota or living Hawaiian into the western baggage of dead Latin is likely to lead to inaccuracies. Yet, I do not think we disagree on moral principles – simply on the words doing the framing.
In the end we are debating semantics and lexicon. Which seems and sounds rather pedantic and academic – yet that is exactly the heart of all legal documents and the source of all wars. The words we choose to use, to make sacred, unite us; and divide us.
But as if a magic lantern threw the nerves in patterns on a screen:
Would it have been worth while
If one, settling a pillow or throwing off a shawl,
And turning toward the window, should say:
“That is not it at all,
That is not what I meant, at all.”

Poem: December Ninth


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snowflakes cover me
soft white blanket of silence
nobody sees me

Poem: December Eighth

thermometer proclaims:
zero celsius!
clock exclaims:
my body complains:
I am old…

frozen air
creaky bones
blurry head
I am unmoved
and know I must
begin again

these blankets are
warm safe cocoon
safely soothing
I slap snooze
avoiding my destiny
for ten more minutes…

too soon

clock reclaims:
my being complains:
I am still old…

fatally compelled to
arise from the bed
like the sun
and the moon
my degrading orbit
by gravity

and finite time.

Poem: December Seventh

she moves
she glides
the damned

she makes
me want
to move
glide along
with her
and change
the world.