More Fear of Apples: Malusdomesticaphobia

Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

Every once in awhile I peruse my “Search Terms” list to see what people are actually randomly finding me. My number one search term is: Fear of Apples.

When I wrote my post on the “A Fear of Apples” I had no idea that it was an internet fascination. If you search for “Fear of Apples” I am actually number 5 on the search results with a link to

This is a point of pride, I am a front page search term. Okay so it isn’t thousands searching for Fear of Apples. Still I am surprised that it is now over 100 search results, and visits!

For those wondering there is an actual Fear of Apples Phobia it is called Malusdomesticaphobia, and it is the fear of all apples and can also be used when describing the fear of eating apples.


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  1. […] Fear of eating: We all know phobias are associated with either dangerous things or with the strange things, but there is a phobia associated with the fear of eating the apple and it is called Malusdomestica phobia. […]


  2. […] Yesterday’s grand total views: 32 And over half of those views are here: […]


  3. […] A post on the “fear of apples” (350 views): […]


  4. […] the Number 1 Post: More Fear of Apples: Malusdomesticaphobia with 734 views This post was a surprise to me (along with the related post that started it: A Fear […]


  5. […] you can see my posts on the More Fear of Apples and Fear of Apples are  by far my most viewed posting. Most of those coming via Google Searches […]


    1. Astounding even – this page gets at least 1-2 views every day. And is #2 in Google Searches for the term “fear of apples”
      It is now my most viewed post for the past year…if I could bottle it I’d have a best-seller 🙂


  6. Perhaps this is your fifteen minutes of fame! Enjoy it! 🙂


    1. Oh I already had my 15 minutes of fame – been and gone 🙂

      This is more like 15 seconds of recognition 😀


  7. Wow, that is very random but very cool!


    1. Little things amuse me 🙂


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